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Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:United States of America

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80's cartoons, 80's music, :), alec, alex trebek, alfred hitchcock, altoids, band-aids, bands, bass guitar, blue pens, bobby singer, books, british accents, brushing my teeth, btvs, bubba crosby, bubble blower, buffy, carebears, cartoons, catfish, catholicism, cds, central new york, cheese, cold, college, computers, concerts, conditioner, corny, cortland, crest, dean winchester, dean/impala, democrats, derek jeter, dictionaries, dvds, english, family, flashlights, friends, gavin rossdale, ggd, glasses, glitter, goo goo dolls, green day, guitars, gum, han solo, he-man, hello kitty, herbal essences, history, hot accents, insomnia, italian, jakob dylan, james k. polk, james marsters, jason dohring, jason mraz, jem, jensen ackles, jensen happens, jensen sings!, jeopardy, jimmy fallon, joe boxer, johnny depp, johnny rzeznik, lars, lawrence house, lawrence house pride, leather pants, legolas, logan echolls, logan/mlp, lord of the rings, m&ms, mail, mark mcgrath, massachusetts, matchbox 20, me :), men, mike malinin, monty python, movies, mr. gordo, mr.t, music, mustard, my birthday, my little pony, naked logan, napoleon dynamite, new york, northampton, pajama pants, pasta, pet fish, pete and pete, pictures, pillows, pizza, posters, presidents, punching hannah, rainbow brite, reading, robby takac, rock stars, rockapella, sarah_p, shakespeare, shampoo, she-ra, showers, smiley faces, smith college, snl, snow, socks, soda, spanish, spike, spike/gordo, star wars, stickers, strawberry shortcake, sugar ray, telephones, television, the color green, the goo goo dolls, the internet, the new york yankees, the wallflowers, tiaras, toys, train, transformers, veronica mars, violins, x5-494, ð
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